The Smartest Tool Ever for CDMA Phones

The MultiFuN Tool stands for Multi platform Flashing and Unlocking Tool - A unique and one of its kind Mobile Flashing and Mobile Unlocking Software.

The main Moto of our tool is to provide the Best and the Easiest possible support for individual models and phones. And we are consistently striving hard to make it better so that our customers would not have to strive and have the best possible user-friendly experience as compared to other software tools.

Following are some of the unique features worth to mention here:
ZTE Flashing: Many other softwares support ZTE flashing and ZTE have different sizes of flash chips inside them and while flashing with these softwares many users got their phone dead due to flashing it with a wrong size of flash file. So to protect our users with that, we have employed a unique idea in our tool that detects the Flash Chip and the Flash will only take place when Flash Chip size and the selected Flash File is same.

ESN to MEID Bruteforce: Finding a matching MEID for a known ESN made easy. Now you have to just type-in your ESN and start the bruteforce and get all possible MEIDs matching that ESN.

LG EFS writing: Some of the tools ask you to manually select the EFS_SCR file or folder but with our tool you dont need to bother about that as our tool is Smart Enough to select it automatically. With our installation you get a unique EFS File format and the required EFS File will be automatically selected and writes it to the phone. You dont have to manage them as it is a single file.

Automatic Model Detection: To eleminate the selection of wrong models, in LG and ZTE module reading information will automatically select the correct model from the list.

Huawei Easy Flasher: Flash your Huawei CDMA phones with Huawei easy flasher with as easy as a click.

From a phone read flash file, read EFS, Flash only EFS, erase EFS and lots of other stuff.

NCK Calculators (GSM): A few of NCK calculators are added in in calculator module like ZTE Android, Huawei, Blackberry, etc.

Samsung CDMA Phones: Simple and easy flashing and fastest unlocking of Samsung CDMA mobiles.